Swetha Sundaram lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an Instrumentation and Controls Engineer working in Calgary. She graduated from B.S. in Engineering Honours Program from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects; some of the topics include, Sri Vaishnavism, health & diet, history and children’s books. She believes in promoting love and equality. She has travelled to many countries and has lived in many different countries. Apart from writing, her hobbies also include sketching, gardening and reading.

She was born in the temple city of Sri Rangam in Tamil Nadu, India. From childhood, she has been influenced by the Sri Vaishnavite philosophy. With her background and upbringing in the Sri Vaishnavite philosophy, she felt should write about Lord Krishna for the modern day readers. She is interested to know about ancient cultures. Her interests led her to study more about the ancient Vedic culture. She listens to many traditional lectures on Sanathana Dharma. She has been writing about some key points of Sanathana Dharma on her blog.

She fondly recalls listening to stories from the life of Swami Ramanujacharyar narrated to her by her parents at dinner time. Like any child raised in a Hindu household, she loved to listen to stories about Lord Krishna. She wished to make some of the stories she had heard from childhood available in a format appreciated by present day youth.